Territory and curiosity

Orte is a typical village located at the centre of the Tiber Valley, which lies on a high tuff rock. This hill is bounded on the north and east by a bend on the river and on the south by a crack on its tributary, the Rio Paranza. The historical centre has a complex structure with an elliptical plan, traced upon the natural shape of the hill: the edge houses rise on a sheer cliff and the mountain looks perforated at different levels where there are houses nestled inside the tuff rock. Due to its favourable position, at the crossroad between the paths climbing up the Tiber Valley and the transversal road coming from Viterbo, which here crosses the river in the direction of Umbria, Orte may be considered a vital road and railway hub. Along with the railway station, also the little village Orte Scalo was born. The construction of the pontifical railways in 1864 started the development in this area and surroundings. St. Mark and Joseph’s church war built between the 1930s and 1940s, in neo-gothic style: the building is the symbol of the reconstruction of Orte Scalo after the material and moral disruption that hit the city during the II World War. In 2005, the bronze medal for civilian value was bestowed by the President of the Republic on the town of Orte, recognising the heavy price in terms of human life, paid by the community, after the air ride on August 29th, 1943.

The history of Orte boasts very old origins, dating back to the end of the Bronze Age, in the XII century B.C. Inside the cliff where the City Council is located, along almost 2500 years of history, it has been built the water and wastewater distribution networks ‒ tunnels, tanks and wells ‒ as well as the warehouses, depots, cellars, stalls, dovecotes, some rooms of the houses, artisan workshops ‒ for hemp and wool elaboration ‒ wash-houses, fountains, summer triclinia, nursery plants and delighting private gardens. A single itinerary through the surrounding area of Orte touches the main tourist resorts, so that the visitors, thanks to an excellent guiding service, can discover these monuments of the underground accompanied by a guide.