Orte Restaurant

The restaurant in Orte, part of the Hotel Lazio, welcomes you in a large and bright dining room, offering place for up to 200 people. The setting is the typical classic inn, characterised by a warm atmosphere and the wide use of timber, which contributes to create a nice and cosy place and to make the clients feel at their ease.

The cuisine offered is the typical cuisine from the area between Lazio and Umbria: we serve generous portions of food prepared with fresh and genuine ingredients ‒ preferably seasonal vegetables ‒ sourced and selected with the utmost care from the local supplier and whose provenience is always checked. The courses are prepared with passion by expert cooks, who invent new and tasteful combinations of flavours each time, conferring the dishes a rich and genuine taste, thanks to the use of spices and condiments and the excellent quality of the ingredients used. The menu is complete and diversified, with new and different proposals every time to satisfy even the most demanding palate: from the typical local dishes to the Tuscan pappardelle with hare, from the roasts and grilled meat to the specialities with fish, and from the rich assortment of main courses to the perfect local wines. The restaurant in Orte holds back nothing from its visitors and offers also a menu for vegetarians and vegans. We offer special care for sports clubs, providing them with a menu that respects the particular nutritional requirements of each athlete. It is also possible to request a takeaway menu for groups. The restaurant in Orte offers homemade food served with rapidity and efficiency by a polite staff always available for any request. Thanks to its favourable position, near to the motorway, this restaurant has become the favoured destination of those who can’t live without healthy and tasty food, even when travelling.