Fees: 42

Single use double room: 39

Double: 55

3 beds: 70

4 beds: 80

We offer first-quality services, an available and courteously efficient staff, accurately clean rooms furnished with taste and absolutely competitive prices. The prices of the hotel in Orte are competitive compared with those offered by many stylish hotel facilities:


  • Single use double room ‒ spacious and bright, it is designed for clients that prefer to live in a space suitable for their personality and their habits, which do not fit narrow spaces. It is also suitable for business travellers, who find particular pleasure in having a different place for each type of luggage and keeping with them the typical office supports such as laptops, folders, classifiers, etc.
  • Single room ‒ equally bright but a little more essential, it is suitable for guests who are used to travelling fast and remaining in the room as less as possible, people that do not need much extra space because they spend most of the day outside the hotel.
  • Double room ‒ suitable for couples, it is appositely designed for 2 people. The room is adequate and bright, so as to offer both guests the opportunity to enjoy their own space. Equally, the services are designed so as to permit guests to feel at their ease, no matter they are friends, engaged or a married couple.
  • Three/four beds ‒ for families or groups of friends. Also in this case, comfort is necessary for all the guests to find their personal dimension without those inconveniences related to the sharing of the space.

For all the rooms, the prices of the hotel in Orte include various comforts: private bathrooms, air-conditioning system, heating, TV and direct dial phone in all the rooms, free WI-FI.